The Morals. My new project concerning the Moral Monday rallies in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hope you enjoy them.

"The once progressive state of North Carolina has been going through some drastic changes. A new governor, a new party, and a new sense of purpose drive the legislators to act in very unpopular ways. A changing America has scared a lot of people. Extreme reactions dictate a lot of decisions.

That’s where The Morals come in. Moral Monday was created to rally against the irrational legislature being spewed out every single day in North Carolina. Thousands of voices come together to unite in one song dedicated to the dispute against the faces representing and embarrassing this state week after week. Marriage equality. Voting rights. Land. Women’s rights. Unemployment. Salary. Benefits. The fight against racism.

Moral of the story? Everyone matters. These are the faces, bodies, and voices of those who know just how important they are.”

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